Learn How To Unleash an Entrepreneurial Culture that Drives Revenue and Profit Growth
...Without Adding More Employees

This practical guide is packed with ideas that you can use to spark innovation that will grow revenue, increase profits, and build competitive advantage for your business.

A Visionary's Guide to Unleashing Strategic Innovation Will Help You To...

  • Engage Your Innovative Employees

  • Develop Competitive Advantage

  • Increase Customer Loyalty

  • Create a Culture of Innovation

  • Increase Profits

All of this leads to an increase in every key aspect of your success!

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Why I'm So Passionate About Getting This Guide In Your Hands

Purpose-Driven Companies Need To Grow

If you are the type of leader that believes business is about more than the bottom line, I want to get this report in your hands.

Yes, the bottom line is important. In a purpose driven company, the bottom line is what enables impact:

  • Creates more jobs inside a great culture

  • Enables more giving to charitable causes that are doing great work

  • Helps create a sustainable future for the company

  • Fuels legacy!

So, the question becomes, "What will fuel this growth?"

Certainly we need to execute well. While there is always room for improvement, I'm assuming you execute well already. You take good care of your customers. Your work to continually improve your business. You treat your employees well.

How do you fuel growth beyond executing with operational excellence? You need innovation.

Jim Collins says every great business needs to be able to Preserve the Core (operational excellence) and Stimulate Progress (strategic innovation). Both of the areas are critical.

The problem is that many businesses don't have a structure, systems, or scorecard for innovation.

I'm passionate about getting these ideas in your hands (and in your head and heart) because they may be the key to unlocking the next level of exponential growth in your company. And if you are purpose-driven, more growth means more IMPACT!

This gets me fired up. It makes me jump out of bed each morning. I can't wait to share these ideas with you!



For over 20 years Darrell has helped companies grow. He is the author of Revenue Growth Engine: How To Align Sales & Marketing To Accelerate Growth. He is the co-founder of the Kingdom Missions Fund, a nonprofit that finds and funds innovative Christian missions projects.

Having served companies ranging from Fortune 100 companies to family-owned midsize businesses he began to recognize a massive gap. While large companies had innovation teams, very few midsize companies had a structure, systems, or scorecards for innovation.

At the same time, Darrell became passionate about helping purpose-driven companies grow. Having been exposed to the Business as Missions movement along with C12 Forums, he saw how innovation could be the fuel to help amazing companies create more impact.

Today, Darrell leads Strategic Innovation Engine, helping purpose-drive companies launch Strategic Innovation Councils.

When he's not working, he loves the outdoors. In 2022 Darrell treked to Mount Everest Base Camp. He enjoys canoeing, sailing, and working in his wood shop. Darrell also helps lead the ManAlive EXPEDITION.

What's In This Guide

Want To Spark the Entrepreneurial Spirit In Your Team to Create a Culture of Innovation?

This guide reveals a simple but powerful way to unleash innovation in your company.

  • Why Smart Companies Are Prioritizing Innovation Right Now

  • The High Risk of Neglecting Innovation

  • Events That Trigger a Resurgence of Innovation

  • Solution: A Strategic Innovation Council

  • What the Council Does

  • How a Strategic Innovation Council Works

  • How To Get Started

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